SELMA MAESTRO S-VDR / VDR system software comes, in most cases, preconfigured for each ship based on a survey carried out by crew or a SELMA Engineer, which reduces dramatically the deployment time.
However, the simple yet powerful interface offers unparalleled flexibility for the configuration and parameterization of the system, expanding its use even beyond the S-VDR / VDR specifications, should that be required.
SELMA MAESTRO S-VDR / VDR is designed to comply with and exceed the following Rules and Regulations:
  • IMO Resolution MSC.163(78)
  • IMO Resolution A.694(17)
  • IMO Resolution MSC.214(81)
  • IMO Resolution MSC.97(73) 2000 HSC Code13
  • SOLAS 74 Regulation V/18, V/20 and X/3
  • IEC 61162, IEC 60945:2002, IEC 61996-2:2007