LOCOMARINE Yacht Router Systems

Yacht Router solution feature simultaneous independent Internet connection for each Vessel Network. It means that, for example, all devices connected to Owner WIFI can accessthe Internet via VSAT while in the same time devices connected to Guest WIFI can connect to Internet via 4G mobile network. Yacht Router setup is simple and you do not have to be IT specialist to do it. All Yacht Router models (Micro, Mini, Standard, Pro) use multi-frequency modems for mobile networks connections (4G/3G/2G) and powerful WIFI Boosters for longer distance connectivity to Hotspots in marinas and ports (15+ Nautical miles). If you are installing Yacht Router on a steel or aluminum boat or larger yacht you can expand Vessel Network WIFI coverage using WIFI Extender. It is device that will extend WIFI coverage using single Power Ethernet (PoE) cable. Moreover, on a larger yachts you can connect multiple WIFI Extenders. If you want to expand Yacht Router with additional mobile network modems (4G/3G/2G) or multiple LAN ports, Mobile and LAN Expanders are available.

Cloud Service
Cloud Service is reliable, secure and simple way to connect remotely (over the Internet) to your vessel equipped with Yacht Router. Cloud Service is available for all Yacht Router models (Micro, Mini, Standard and Pro).
With Cloud Service you can easily connect to navigation and control systems, cameras, NMEA2000 networks or any other devices that use TCP/IP networks.
When you are connecting to your vessel via Cloud Service, you can choose Internet connection route that you want to use. That is very important. For example, when you are connecting to your vessel cameras, you want to be sure that you are not connecting via expensive Inmarsat satellite connection. Instead, you will choose to connect via 3G or WIFI connection.
Yacht Router can be used in a combination or as a replacement for GoFree™ (Simrad, B&G, Lowrance), Garmin WIFI Adapter Kit and similar WIFI modules. In a combination with Cloud Service, Yacht Router is unmatchable solution that you are going to use frequently.
During working day in your office, or in the evening while enjoying a dinner in a restaurant, with Cloud Service you can easily check your vessel cameras, or connect to navigation system to assure that your vessel it is still anchored in the same place. 
Schematic Drawings
• High power WIFI Booster for long distance connectivity (15+ NM)
• High power 4G/3G/2G module (30+ Nautical miles)
• 3x Client-to-Vessel WIFI/LAN network
• Hotspot on single vessel WIFI network
• 3x LAN port
• 2x WAN port (for satellite Internet equipment)
• 3x Backbone LAN port
• Multiple WIFI Extenders supported
• Mobile Expander support
• LAN Expander support
• Online Remote Support
• Cloud Service compatible
• Wide range DC power input (10-30 V)
• Replacement for GoFree™ (Simrad, Lowrance, B&G)
• Replacement for Garmin WIFI Adapter Kit
• FURUNO NavNet, Maretron, SONOS and similar system compatible