The Simrad EP70 range of Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB) are designed to be used as a primary alarm for vessels in distress, and when activated transmit the ID of the ship in distress. The unique high-intensity LED built in to the top of the antenna ensures optimal visibility in the toughest conditions.
Their small and compact, totally sealed, and tamper proof design make these models the ultimate solution to meet the growing demand for smaller size EPIRB`s. The Simrad EP70 meets IMO SOLAS requirements and can be offered with float-free or manual release options.
Float-free and Manual Release
The Simrad EP70 AUTO model is buoyant, and is designed with a hydrostatic mechanism to automatically release and activate in case of an emergency where the EPIRB and its bracket is submerged into the sea.
Alternatively, the Simrad EP70 MAN operates as a manual EPIRB, by manually releasing from the bracket and activating.
EPIRB Explained
As a core component of the GMDSS, EPIRB technology has been proven in the commercial marine world. Once activated either automatically by contact with saltwater or manually, the EPIRB transmits a signal via satellite that can be picked up by rescue services to provide your location. On its own or in conjunction with the SA70 SART range an EPIRB greatly enhances your chances of being rescued.
Construction Glass reinforced Polycarbonate
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 55°C
Operating Temperature Stored -30°C to + 65°C
Diameter [mm] 128 mm \ 5 in
Product Height 340 mm \ 13.4 in
Product Weight 0.68 kg \ 1.5 lbs
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12 V DC
Battery Capacity [mAh] 2900
Battery Type Lithium metal
Battery Lifetime 5 years service life