The SA70 SART (Search and Rescue Transponder) enables any rescue vessel or aircraft fitted with radar to locate and steer to your position, dramatically increasing your chance of rescue should the unthinkable happen.
Simrad SA70 gives the location of the distress on an X-band radar display. When the SART is interrogated (hit) by a radar signal, it will immediately start to transmit and be detected on the radar screens of nearby vessels.
The SA70 has an operating range of up to 30nm from an airborne response unit, and 10nm from a vessel. It comes standard with a bulkhead bracket for on board the vessel, and pole or bracket mount options for lifeboat or life raft. These easy mounting options, together with simple release and easy activation in an emergency situation, make this small and compact SART the obvious choice when safety of life is the number one priority.

SART Explained
Once the SA70 is activated and subsequently interrogated by an X-Band radar it continues to emit pulses, which are shown on the radar screen as blips. The nearest of these blips provide your potential rescuers with not only your bearing but also your range. With this information you can be found quickly and safely, in all weather conditions, day or night.



Polycarbonate with 10% glass fibre

Operating Temperature

-20°C to +55°C

Operating Temperature Stored

-30°C to +65°C

Specified Standards

IEC 61097-1 IEC 60945 IMO A.802 (19) IMO A.694 (17)

Product Weight

0.482 kg \ 1.06 lbs


Battery Type

Lithium, non hazardous battery for safe and unrestricted transportation

Battery Lifetime

5 Year maintenance kit, serviceable on board