The SA70 AIS-SART (Search and Rescue Transponder) enables any rescue vessel or aircraft fitted with an AIS receiver/transponder to locate and steer to your position, dramatically increasing your chance of rescue should the unthinkable happen
Designed for use in search and rescue operations, the Simrad SA70 AIS-SART gives the exact location of the distress with GPS precision and position updates every minute. Searching ships or helicopters will receive the position data in an AIS message.
Simrad SA70 AIS-SART has an operating battery life of 96 hours and comes standard with bulkhead bracket for on board the vessel, and pole or bracket mount options for lifeboat or life raft.
The built-in GPS and superior AIS position accuracy of the SA70 AIS-SART ensures a more effective and less time consuming SAR operations when safety of life is the number one priority.
Proven Performance
The SA70 AIS-SART has the following operating rangers:
  • Up to 10nm from a SOLAS vessel with a class A transponder
  • Up to 40nm from a SAR helicopter (altitude 1000ft)
  • Up to 130nm from a SAR aircraft (altitude 20,000ft)
SART Explained
Once the SA70 AIS-SART begins transmitting as soon as it is activated by the user, broadcasting your position immediately in an AIS message. In addition it sends a safety text message every fourth minute containing "SART ACTIVE". This will be received by other AIS systems within range. The GPS accuracy ensures the most accurate position updates resulting in a greatly reduced search area.
Construction Polycarbonate with 10% glass fibre
Operating Temperature -20°C to +55°C
Operating Temperature Stored -30°C to +65°C
Specified Standards MSC.246(83), ITU-R M1371, IEC 61097-14, IEC 60945, SOLAS convention
Product Weight 0.45 kg \ 0.99 lbs
Battery Type Lithium, non hazardous battery for safe and unrestricted transportation
Battery Lifetime 5 Year maintenance kit, serviceable on board