JMC FX-330

Preprogrammed all currently active WMO-­registered radio facsimile frequencies
200 user-programmable memory channels, ready for newly assigned frequencies
Automatic start/stop, framing, IOC selection and scan rate for unattended operation
Timer function for automatic reception of desired transmissions only, saving paper
High gain whip-type active antenna optionally available for limited space installation
Type of Receiver: Synthesized up-conversion superheterodyne, IF 90MHz and 455kHz Frequency

Coverage: 110 to 160kHz (LF), 2 to 27MHz (HF), 1 00Hz steps

Sensitivity: Better than 10 µ.V (LF), 2 µ.V (HF)

Modes of Reception: F3C and J3C

Recording Paper: Thermo-sensitive type, 8"X30m/roll

Printing Resolution: 1712 pixels/line

Scanning Rates: 60, 90, 120 and 240 LPM, automatic selection

IOC: 576 and 288, automatic selection for WMO standard broadcasts

Start/Stop Control: Automatic for WMO standard broadcasts

Preprogrammed Frequencies: 165 WMO registered frequencies in LF and HF bands

User Programable Memory Channels: 200

Timer Programming: 2X10 start/stop time pairs/24 hours

Power Requirements: 11-36 VDC, 4A/1.2A @12V (printing/standby, typical)

Weight: Approx. 4kg with standard paper roll installed

Environment: Compliant with IEC 60945-2002 (protected category for cabinet, exposed category for antenna)