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Wind Data System

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Wind Data System

Anemometer Recorder is designed for Tankers complying with ExxonMobil MESQAC E17 for recording and alarm of wind speed angle in Cargo Control Room.

SELMA Tank Protector is an integrated anemometer recorder and manifold pressure monitoring and recording system.

SELMA Wind and Anemometer Recorder complies with the latest ExxonMobil MESQAC Requirements for Tankers. It is installed in the Cargo Control Room implementing recording of existing Bridge Wind Instrument Signal (NMEA 0183 or Synchro / Analogue Signal).

Central Colour Touch Screen Monitor implements a Graphical User Interface (GUI) of recorded data and illustrates the values on Trends and/or Excel file.

SELMA Anemometer Monitoring Alarm and Recorder System comprises of state-of-the art control and instrumentation technology based on PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers).

SELMA Anemometer Recorder comes with maximum performance capabilities, implementing monitoring and alarm function operation:

Main Display Unit (Touch Screen)

Main PLC Control Panel

Deck Ex Flash / Sounder

SELMA MAE105 NMEA Processing Unit

SELMA MAE111 Synchro / Analogue NMEA Converter (Optional)

System Design

Tank Protector is marine type approved by major IACS Classifications and provides the total solution for the ExxonMobil MESQAC sections:

E.19 on Safety and Security Management

Anemometer display / monitoring and recording in the Cargo Control Room (CCR)
H28, H30 and H31 on Cargo and Ballast Systems

Manifold pressure monitoring and recording in the CCR
Cargo oil tanks (COT) pressure bridge display repeater (4 set points per COT)

 Tank Protector is designed for intuitive operation, easy installation and integration with existing and new built vessels.

Tank Protector Touch Display Interface Technical Characteristics

Main Display Unit

TFT Colour Touch Screen (65K Colour)

Communication Interface Port

COM1 RJ45 / RS232 / RS485 / Ethernet Protocol

Mounting Type

Flush Mounted (Standard)

Audible Alarm

75 – 85 dB

Illumination Control

Linear Illumination Adjustment

Cargo Oil Tanks Pressure Range

± 500 mbar

Alarm Set Points (Vapour Pressure)

4 Low/Low – Low – Hi – Hi/Hi

Manifold Outlets Pressure Range

0 – 16 bar

Alarm Set Points (Manifold Pressure)

2 Hi – Low

Pressure Channels Calibration

Zero / Span Adjustment

Wind Speed / Direction Range

0 – 360° / 0 – 90 knots

Alarm Set Points (Wind)

4 Low/Low – Low – Hi – Hi/Hi

Live Colour Recording Log Graph/Values

Live History Data / On Screen Date – Time Selectable

Recording Port

USB Port with 16GB Memory Stick

Marine Aproved

IEC 60945 – Bureau Veritas / DNV



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