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AP 4000 Heading Control System
Navis AP 4000 Heading Control System is a technologically advanced digital ship control unit designed for reducing operator’s workload, increasing vessel motion efficiency and improving the safety of operations. Navis AP 4000 can be used on a broad range of vessel applications ranging from yachts and small boats to VLCC.
The AP4000 Heading Control System is the new generation of autopilots manufactured by Navis Engineering. It is a
modern and technologically advanced digital ship control unit that is intended to reduce the operator?s workload, increase the vessel motion efficiency and improve operational safety.
The AP4000 autopilot has been substantially redesigned. The front panel has been modernized and configured as a
6.5? high contrast and resolution color display with a 150º viewing angle.
Main advantages of Navis AP 4000:
  • Keeping of heading with minimal rudder activity
  • Easy heading change and maneuvering
  • Comprehensive set of alarms
  • Built-in self-diagnostics and user-friendly alarm reporting system
  • Interface with standard data sources via NMEA 0183 Serial I/O Channel
  • Compatible with various steering systems interfaces
  • Single or multi-console configuration
  • EMI/RFI immunity of all signals and power circuits


As compared to the AP3000, the software part of the AP4000 has been upgraded significantly. Up to five network control panels have been added to functionality. The use of only one ‘Sensitivity’ parameter for fine-tuning system performance covers all known yawing, steering and counter rudder settings of the autopilots of other brands.
The AP4000 has built-in ‘Heading Monitor System’ (HMS) functionality, which makes it possible to receive and monitor the data coming from two heading data sources continuously (gyro+gyro, gyro+magnetic compass, gyro+fluxgate etc.).
Several speed sources can also be used during operation (GPS, waterspeed log or bottom tracking log).
The AP4000’s fully self-adjusting ‘Auto Tune’ algorithm allows it to easily adapt the autopilot performance to the hydrodynamic parameters of any vessel, irrespective of its displacement and dimensions. This makes it possible to use the AP4000 onboard any commercial or leisure vessel with a single rudder, linked rudder, independent rudder or stern azimuth Z-drives configuration.
AP4000 steering gear interfaces:
Solenoid valves, 24V DC (up to 3A load current)
Proportional valves – 0…10 V, ±10V or 4…20mA control signal
Proportional rudder control (steering gears with follow-up steering control system) – 0…10 V, ±10V or 4…20mA control signal
Sensor interfaces:
Second gyro or magnetic compass