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Product Description

Saab’s R4 AIS solution uses a common hardware platform that is software upgradable to meet future requirements. It can also be software upgraded for other product versions, e.g. to Secure AIS.



Standard features
Fully IMO-compliant
Highly versatile multi-functional display unit
Integrates with external differential GPS receiver, gyro compass, speed log, chart systems and radars
Large number of input and output ports to support highly complex and integrated bridge systems
Channel-management capability (regional AIS frequencies)
Easy access to standardised and proprietary safety-related text messages
 Fully software-upgradable to support future standard requirements and to convert to other product versions
Pilot plug integrated in display unit
1 W output power option when handling hazardous cargo
Interoperable with Saab’s Airborne and Secure AIS
Supports AIS Class B “carrier sense” messages
Supports transmission of safety-related messages (SRM) as well as general text messages
Supports navigation using DGPS corrections broadcast via AIS (msg 17)
Optional features
Stand-alone navigation DGPS in accordance with latest standards
Combined AIS/navigation system with single display unit, using the R4 DGPS sensor
GLONASS interface
Junction box with factory-connected cables
Gimble or flush mounting for display unit